The Queens Meme #1 The Happy Hokey Pokey

1. Who should run for United States President in 2012?

> I haven’t thought of it yet . Maybe You?lol!

2. Have you ever gone to a party and snooped in the medicine cabinet?
> No, I wouldn’t do that.

3. Why are Happy Meals happy?
> Because it is meant to make anyone happy?

4. Have you ever done the Hokey Pokey?
> As far as I can remember not yet.

5. What song sticks in your head and drives you crazy?
> I am not into music this day.

6. Do you dance like crazy around the house when no one is looking?
> Before, back in our province when I was still a little kid.

7. Have you ever been involved in a food fight?
> Not yet. I would love!