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Aspen Nightlife – Country & Western Dancing

Aspen Nightlife – Country & Western Dancing

Believe it or not, there is only one place in
Aspen where you can scoot a boot across the
dance floor to the sounds of George Strait, and
other Country & Western favorites – Shooter’s
Salon. Shooter’s Salon is located on South
Galena Street, and they are open from 6:30pm
to 2am every day, and again, this club has the
distinction of being the only Country & Western
club in the whole town of Aspen, Colorado.

Here, cowboy hats, creased jeans, and boots
are the expected attire. During the week, the
music is provided by a DJ, and on weekends
live bands provide the tunes. If you don’t know
how to do the Texas Two-Step, you can learn
how on any Thursday night which is when
Shooter’s offers free Country dance lessons.

Good beer, good music, great dancing, friendly
games of pool or darts – Shooter’s is a place
where all cowboy’s and cowgirl’s will feel right
at home. If you want to let your hair down,
without having to worry about breaking any of
the rules set by ‘polite society’ in the other fine
establishments located in Aspen, Shooter’s is
the place to do it!

Make Your Big Day Memorable With These Wedding Tips

Make Your Big Day Memorable With These Wedding Tips

A worldwide event that many people take part in is a wedding. People in different countries practice the concept of a wedding ceremony, no matter their culture, religion, or income. If you wish to have a wedding, pay close attention to the tips in this article, as they may be of use to you.

Why not provide a tour of the area to the guests of your destination wedding? You can go along too and have a fun-filled stress relieving day with your friends and family. Everyone will be able to enjoy the trip and get to know the area you’re visiting a little bit better.

To save money on your wedding, you may want to ask your family or friends to each make a plate of food for the reception. Hiring a caterer can cost a lot of money and half of the time, wedding guests do not like the choices of food a caterer offers.

Plan an Eco-friendly wedding that your guests will appreciate. Have fewer guests to lessen consumption and use plants instead of cut flowers on the tables. Wear a second-hand wedding dress and forget about balloons or confetti. Use real glass or china for dining and there won’t be any reason to worry about buying recyclable products.

At your reception, make sure that you have wonderful food. Also, you will want to make sure that you give all of your guests a choice of meat, chicken or fish to maximize the quality of their experience. People always remember the food at a wedding so choose wisely when you pick.

To save money on your wedding reception, consider using a high quality stereo system instead of hiring a disc jockey. You can place multiple speakers around the dance floor and set the system up with multiple cds as well. Ask a trusted wedding guest to help you man the system.

Consider browsing and shopping online for your wedding gown. Many are available at wholesale prices. Used gowns are even sold for a fraction of the price of new ones. Shopping online can help you to find the gown of your dreams, at a price you can truly afford.

One of the things that you can do to make sure that everything looks good is to choose a bathroom buddy. This person can sit next to you in the bathroom to give you another set of eyes to analyze your dress, accessories and the makeup that you will wear on your wedding day.

Make sure that you meet your partner’s friends and family before you tie the knot with each other. This is a very important thing to do, since you are going to be spending a lot of time around them after your marriage. Ascertain that you get along well and try to work out any issues beforehand.

As stated at the beginning of this article, people all over the world take part in weddings. Different countries have weddings, regardless of wealth or religion. By remembering the tips from the above article, you can make sure that your wedding is an event to remember for all time.

En Pointe Ballet

En Pointe Ballet

Dancing en pointe is not an easy thing to do in ballet. It is by far the most challenging and essential part of the dance that every student should learn as keeping the feet in shape for dance is not always easy. The reason? Our feet change shape with age and with other biological factors, or due to injuries incurred.

Basically, there’s a no way for the dancers of ballet to escape learning en pointe ballet as it is the most integral part of the dance. Yes, it is! However, en pointe ballet should not be attempted by a young or older dancer. It should only be performed by those who are capable of doing it. As I’ve said, dancing en pointe ballet is not easy as pie. It involves a lot of balance, strength, endurance and of course harmony of the movements. It is in fact a requirement for those who wish to perform it to have strong feet and legs so to successfully perform the dance. And, I bet for a regular student of ballet, learning the basics of en pointe ballet may take up to three or four years of practice.

Now, what really is en pointe ballet? How it is performed?

On the most basic, the en pointe is also known as pointe work. It involves the action of rising to the tips of the toes while performing the steps involved in a ballet technique. Well, to make this movement possible, the en pointe ballet is usually danced using the so-called hard toed pointe shoes. Just imagine the shoes worn by ballerinas with a flat surface in front. That’s the pointe shoes.

There are a lot of techniques involved in dancing en pointe ballet. One of the most popular is the rising to full pointe with the absence of a foregoing demi-plie. According to some experts, this technique involves the knees remaining straight and pulled up as the performer employs his or her muscles of the legs and feet to raise his or her body smoothly to reach full pointe. However, it is important to keep the toes in the floor when performing this act. It should possess a sort of equal control with the knees still straight, while lowering the body through the feet and to the heels.

Another notable technique involved in en pointe ballet is to relever in order to spring up. Earlier, you started with a movement that involves demi-plie. Now, it should be followed by a light spring to full pointe and the dancer should finish the move by springing to slide down into the demi-plie.

In en pointe ballet, keeping the thighs stiff and the knees straight after the first movement, as mentioned above, is also of great importance. Many dancers call this technique as “abaisser to descend” as the dancer here tries to descend from the full pointe by way of releasing to the demi-pointe, and then descending slowly until his or her heels are rested on the floor. Often, in en pointe ballet, this technique is followed by traveling movements.

There are other movements involved in en pointe ballet, but most of them are complicated and can cause serious damage to the feet, ankles and knees. So it’s important that dancers performing the pointe work should first wait for their body to be strong enough to bear the weights and pressure caused by the movements involved.

Getting Married? Try These Wedding Planning Tips! (3)

Getting Married? Try These Wedding Planning Tips!

Hearing wedding bells in your near future and need some great planning ideas? Well, you have come to the right place! This article provides a variety of helpful tricks to make your wedding planning sail smoothly and help you prepare an event that everyone will remember for years to come!

Rather than break the bank for a towering wedding cake, opt for multiple tiers of decadent, sweet cupcakes or mini-tarts. These arrangements are beloved for their affordable price range, versatility, and convenience. Guests can simply pick up a cupcake or two as they leave, placing them in a takeout-inspired, embellished cardboard container.

It’s not a bad idea to hire some form of children’s entertainment if there will be a gaggle of youngsters attending the event. This will keep them entertained while the adults are permitted to enjoy the evening in peace, saving you from listening to screaming babies and crying toddlers all night.

Even if a wedding photograph looks like it isn’t what you intended, keep it, at least in digital form. Sometimes the bride and groom will see a shot that they love even if the photographic composition is lacking. The couple are the final say, so leave it up to them to pick and choose their favorites.

Include your fiance in planning your wedding or he’ll end up feeling like it wasn’t really his day at all. If he says he doesn’t care what you do he might just be saying that to keep you happy, so try to include him in the catering or cake choice so he has a yummy way to get involved.

Choose your reception venue with the guests in mind. If your family is mostly elderly then you aren’t likely to choose a location with a lot of stairs, or a big dance floor. If you have anyone in your family who is handicapped then you should ensure that the venue knows they’re coming and will make everything accessible to them.

Your venue should not only support your guest count but more importantly it should make you want to get married there. If you have a dream or hope for the look of your wedding, make sure that your venue fills that need. By doing the appropriate research and investing a bit of time, you will create an environment that is the foundation of your wedding.

This may seem like common sense, but make sure that the wedding dress you plan on wearing actually fits. Too many times, the dress is too long, too tight, or just a poor fit. If you are planning on a train, make sure that it isn’t too long as to make you trip, fall, or catch on something.

Now that you have so many great wedding planning ideas, the only thing left is to put your plan into action and hope for some great weather! Hopefully you will be able to sit back and relax on your wedding day, and enjoy all of the wonderful planning you accomplished as well as your new spouse.

Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua Sailing Week

So, you are a water enthusiast brave enough to conquer the huge waves in one of the islands in the Caribbean? If you are in for an ultimate ride of your life then here is the Antigua Sailing Week.

One of the major regattas in the world, the Antigua Sailing Week is held every once a year in the end of the month of April. It is number one in the entire globe and also on tonnage. Hundreds of boats of all classes from different corners of the planet literally come to this Caribbean island with that sole purpose to race. This contest is grounded on sportsmanship but hold on to your seats because it can get really fierce.

The Antigua Sailing Week entails a lot of time, money and preparation for those who are really decided to win. They are required to cruise at the open seas between a long stretch of 16 and 28 miles. It needs a considerable amount of stamina and hard- earned discipline just to keep up with the pace.

Aside from the vessel crews, the Antigua Sailing Week draws a lot of crowds. The spectators flock at the vantage points from the hills that have become ideal spots from where to watch the hundreds of boats streaked like elaborate pieces of paper scattered across the Caribbean Sea. This has also benefited a lot to their tourism as there has been a great amount of media coverage and large companies that sponsor the event such as American International Bank, Amex, Bacardi, Rolex and Suzuki.

Antigua Sailing Week is not just all about a tough match- up on the ocean, it is also spells partying the night away. What they call as Lay Day on a Wednesday, is supposedly for rest for all the boat crews but they have begun to head to the Falmouth Harbour where the action takes place. They cram themselves into an area in their dinghies and just about anywhere else to have loads of fun with music, food and drinks.

When the boat crews set sail on the Caribbean seas, there are also accompanying activities on the dry ground. There is Dockyard Day that happens on a Saturday where it is jampacked with dinners and games. It includes the wobbly greasy pole event and tug- of- war, to mention the least. There is also the presentation of prizes at the Old Officers’ Quarters in Nelson’s Dockyard given by no less than the Minister of Tourism and other dignitaries present. At about six in the evening, the Royal Antiguan Police Band plays “Beat The Retreat” that makes everyone on the dance floor to groove.

The Lord Nelson’s Ball is the grand finale of the Antigua Sailing Week. It is something more formal where all the boat crews are given a recognition they deserve but most of all, the champion awarded with a trophy and cold cash.

On April 29 to May 4, 2007, history will once again mark itself for the next Antigua Sailing Week. For more information, log on to www.sailingweek.com.

7 Great Reasons to Dance

7 Great Reasons to Dance

When it comes to dance there are plenty of wonderful reasons that people elect to dance. The fact remains that far too few of us manage to incorporate dance into our lives nearly as much as we should. There are many wonderful reasons to dance and they do not all require copious amounts of alcohol and someone with a video camera poised for America’s Funniest Home Videos greatness.

Below I will suggest 7 great reasons to incorporate dance into your life as often as possible. I hope that you will take some of these to heart and find a few reasons of your own to dance more often.


There are few greater reasons to dance than to show your love for your partner. You do not have to limit your dancing to your wedding night or an evening out with friends. All you need to dance with the one you love is some good music and a little bit of floor space. Dance while you prepare dinner, wash dishes, or just because it’s raining outside. But dance with the one you love and do it often to keep those flames burning.


We always hear people talking about dancing for joy but how often do we really see that happen? What a shame it is that we actually take so few opportunities to dance in our society. Dancing is an outward expression of joy that is almost always infectious. Share your joy with the world and you just might find they will dance along with you. Even if they do not, you should at least be secure in the fact that at this moment in time you are much happier than they are.


When is the last time you’ve danced? Was it fun? I have found very few people (well other than young boys) who did not have any fun while dancing. The truth of the matter is that dancing is fun. Whether you are line dancing or trying the Tango it is great fun to dance.


What a wonderful way to flirt dancing can be! If you haven’t tried it with the one you love, there is no time like the present to do so. Find some great fun and flirty music and dance for the one you love. If you’re really lucky, you might even convince them to join in.

To Make Your Children Laugh

Really, there is no better reason on the earth than this to dance. My kids love to see me dance the moves that were popular back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and share their more modern moves with me. It’s a great way to enjoy your children before they decide your evil or during those rare moments when you may be on the verge of neutral in their opinions.


While dancing does a lot to lighten the mood and raise your spirits it can also help your heart in other ways as well. Dancing is a great way to get up and moving that doesn’t feel as though it is really exercise. This means that you can help your heart by dancing a little while every day. The longer you dance, the better you will feel and the healthier your heart will become.

Meet New People

If you decide to take lessons for dancing, you will find that you have the ability to meet a bunch of great new people. Dancing is a great way that many people are discovering to have fun and stay fit. This means that more and more people are joining local dance classes for these very reasons. You might develop some lifelong friendships through your dance lessons that you would have missed out on otherwise.

Of course there are many more reasons that different people take up dance. In fact, you may find an all-together different reason to take up dance for yourself. Whatever your reason you decide to dance, do it often and have fun in the process.

Fog Makers



Fog makers are wonderful pieces of equipment that can add some features to various events. They work very easily and they are quite affordable. If you don’t think you will need one for regular use there are plenty of places where you can rent them as well. The illusions that a fog maker can give of are very real though and you will find this piece of equipment is very helpful when it comes to making your event a success.

The most common time of year when a fog machine is used is for Halloween. They are often a part of haunted houses in order to give the impression of something mystifying taking place. Fog makers also can be used outside for Halloween to give the impression that it is a scary graveyard that a person is walking through on their way to your front door.

Dances can be fun, and adding a fog maker to the evening at some point can be a very good way to get people more into what is going on. It can get them to be more willing to get out there on the dance floor too as there is a type of screen to prevent them from feeling like everyone is watching them.

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You can easily use a fog machine for any type of party you wish to through as well. Some people use them for New Year’s Eve and others use them just to hang out and to have a good time. There are no set rules for when a fog maker is appropriate and when it isn’t. Have fun with it and do what you want to in order to encourage everyone there to have a great time.

There are many uses for a fog machine so it can be quite a practical investment. In addition to these various uses you can be creative and come up with some on your own as well. Make sure you only use a fog machine as directed though so that there are no safety issues. Store the fog maker some place safe too so that you will be able to get it out and use it again and again when you have a need for it.

10 Ways To Make Your Event Interesting And Exciting

10 Ways To Make Your Event Interesting And Exciting

There are plenty of ways that you can make an event interesting and exciting. You will need to let your creativity flow and not hinder you. The way that you do this is simply by brainstorming. Every time that you come up with an idea you should write it down. At this point you don’t want to judge the idea. Some of the worst ideas can turn into being a blessing. Even if your ideas seem silly and outrageous you should still write it down. At the brainstorming stage you don’t judge your ideas. This process will help you come up with hundreds of ideas and then later narrowed to a few good ideas.

The first tip to coming up with making your even interesting and exciting has to deal with the point of the event. If you can, you should have famous entertainers to help out with the cause. This way you can bring people in with your celebrities, but then you are able to save some money on the interesting aspects of the event. You should always make sure that they are willing to donate their time so that you don’t end up paying, making this tip one of the most interesting concepts of the event. You should also think about what kind of person you would like to help with the event, rather it be a singer, actor, or dancer.

You should also think about the food. When it comes to the food you can do a lot for an event. You can make it exciting and interesting easily by adding some exotic foods. You may also want to blend your ability to offer some foods that are traditional for an event of this kind and some food that is wild and new.
When it comes to planning an event ahead of time, you will find that your ideas will be pouring in, however, it comes a time when you hit a wall. You don’t know what to do or how to present an aspect of the event. This is when you have to do some things to generate the ideas

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Another way you may be able to generate some interest is not just by having high celebrities, but some of the local celebrities as well. This way you can get the community to back your guest and to open them to the event with open arms. You will find that most of the local TV personalities are more than willing to offer some help in the name of charity. However, if you aren’t a charity you may want to think about other things that don’t cost a lot of money and you don’t have to fuss over. Once of these things would be some interesting facts.

If you do a lot of research, you are able to entertain your audience with facts. You can celebrate your numbers and you will find it to be a rush. However, you should make sure that the facts are true. The last thing that you need is to read in the newspaper tomorrow about how you lied. You don’t have to stretch the truth to have interesting facts.

If education isn’t the thing then entertainment is. If you would like to have some examples of entertainment you can go with dancers, singers, and actors. This way you can entertain your guests and be able to celebrate how well your wallet is doing. Basically if you are able to find some local school to help you out with the entertainment, you can cut your costs in half.

Do something outrageous as well. Hire someone to set off fireworks or have sky divers. This will make your party unique and special. To have an entertaining party you may also want to think about the drinks. You may want to expand the bar or to decrease. Alcohol is a great way to start a party, but it’s no way to celebrate for one.

You may also want to go online and help with you entertainment. You never know who you might be able to book to make the party out of this site. If you have your people call their people, this will work out great.
Another way to add some excitement is by adding some animals to the batch. The animals will make the party wild and crazy. Everyone will love this outrageous party.

You may also want to add some excitement with the music. Make the music go with the theme of the party and go wild on the dance floor.

Finally, you may want to have several things going on at once. This way you can have everyone entertained to keep things interesting and entertaining.

How To Choose A Wedding Tent

How To Choose A Wedding Tent

Renting a good tent is important when planning an outdoor wedding. While tents provide a cozy and personal touch to the whole outdoor wedding décor, they also shield you and your guests from unfavorable weather conditions. Tents are also more flexible than existing facilities because you have more options regarding where and how you want to have your wedding. However, they are more expensive and can cost you around $3,000 to $6,000 without the extras such as lighting, flooring, and the cost of delivery, setup, and removal.

Types of Wedding Tents:

These are some of the popular tents that you may want to check out before making a decision.

Party Canopy: This is a lightweight tent designed to protect from sun and rain. Installation is easy, and inexpensive to rent in comparison to other types.

Pop-up Canopy: Another lightweight tent with collapsible-frame fabric. Installation is also easy.

Frame Tent: A tent with a metal frame having no center poles. The rental company usually installs it.

Tension tent: This type is built with high center poles, a steeply sloped ceiling, with a more open feeling inside of the tent.

Pole Tent: This type has poles around the perimeter and in the center, which is very practical for harsher weather conditions. The rental company will install it.

Location and Flooring:

The best location for setting up the wedding tent is on an even high ground, and should be free of overhead utility lines. If the site has uneven terrain or experiences high rainfall, try to include plywood or plastic flooring. Plywood can be expensive but it will provide a durable raised floor and is suitable for almost any type of terrain. Plastic floor is ideal for paved surfaces and is much cheaper than plywood floors. Also consider parquet-wood floor which can be used as the dance floor.

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Size of the Tent:

There’s no harm in renting a tent that’s a little larger than actually required. Think of a tent size in which your guests can be comfortably seated. Here’s how you should estimate tent seating specifications:

All chairs in rows: 6 square feet per person Round tables: 12 square feet per person Rectangular tables: 8 square feet per person Cocktails and receptions: 8 square feet per person

Along with these specifications, figure in the bar area, cake table, band area buffet tables, and dance floor.

Color of the Tent:

The traditional color for tents is white but you can choose from a wide variety and combinations, depending on the theme and mood of your wedding. For example, if you want a romantic starlit night sky to be part of your wedding, rent a tent with a translucent ceiling. Sidewalls can be solid white for more private affairs, clear vinyl to let in natural light, and cathedral-window walls for a more decorative touch.


Remember that every rental firm also provides optional accessories which can really underscore the décor of your wedding and the tent. Choose those that will fit in to the theme and tone of the wedding. Other accessories that you can’t do without may include air-conditioning (for areas with extreme climates), carpeting, portable bars, decorative lighting etc.

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Can Dancing Heal?

Can Dancing Heal?

Dance give us plenty of room for self-expression and can be powerful in helping the body and mind to be stimulated. It’s all about movement and music and you.

This is one thing everyone agrees about: Dance is beneficial. It’s exercising without “feeling” like you’re exercising, it increases cardiovascular and mental health, releasing endorphins while you turn, spin, and simply MOVE.

Unfortunately, in our “modernized” society, we have lost touch with its potential. In contrast, dance has always been an integral part of many other cultures. You don’t have to dance with an African tribe around a roaring fire to realize the healing benefits of dance; luckily, all you need is yourself.

The other great thing about dance is that it can be done either in the privacy of your own home, in dance classes as a recreational outlet, at a party with friends, or as you do any number of houshold tasks, fitting a little “swing” in your steps.

“Oh, I can’t dance,” you’ll say. Can’t, or won’t? Dancing is simply moving, like wayward walking. It doesn’t have to be funky-crazy or hip; you don’t have to go with a style you don’t feel comfortable with; and those of you with “dance inhibition” are free, nearly every day, to find time and a private place large enough to move around freely — again, also knwn as dancing.

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Choose music you feel comfortable with. Music preferences naturally vary from person to person — and even from day to day — so it just doesn’t matter of you decide to dance to Prince, Mozart, Garth Brooks, or Billie Holiday. That’s the first rule: Never put any kind of restrictions on yourself, thinking, “I like that music, but how do you dance to “Jingle Bells”?

When you are ready to begin, stand for a moment with your eyes closed. Feel the connection of your feet to the floor and just relax. If you feel completely at a loss for what to do, imagine your breath supplying your entire body with a golden fluid, making your body light and flexible.

Allow this to transition into any movements you wish, moving as the body dictates. Flow, float, stomp, jump up and down. Move fast or in slow motion. The key is to just allow the body to move, so don’t think too much — just move. Don’t worry about how you look; if you’re alone, no one can see you. If you’re in a dance class, everyone else is laughing, making the same mistakes you are.

When you really get into it, after a while you’ll definitely notice something: You’re not worrying as much any more; you are sleeping better; you aren’t as irritable at work or at home, with your family; and you feel surprisingly “healed” in some way.

In fact, the natural bodily healing and restoration can last from a couple of minutes to a several hours. People young and old, in all states of fitness, living in all kinds of bodies can benefit from dance. Those with injuries or physical challenges can bene fit as well as any “able-bodied” person; just listen to your body and work with its limitations. Dance can be used for healing major stresses as well as “everyday life,” for it is often that these stresses build up, manifesting in extreme tension, anger, and even illness.

Remember, you’re not forcing your body to move according to someone else’s steps; to truly dance is to just tune in to your own personal radio station, and move according to the rhythm of your soul. Dance slow, dance fast, dance solo, dance with others, dance with joy, even dance the sorrow out of your heart. There are no rules — just DANCE!