Functional Nutrition Denver – Treating The Roots Of The Problem

Functional nutrition therapy, also known in USA as Orthomolecular nutrition or cellular nutrition, nutrition used as the main tool to help prevent disease and to help achieve optimal health. It is a holistic therapy that focuses on the underlying causes of the disease and not just the symptoms. This powerful therapy creates a close collaboration between the patient and therapist, whose main objective is to inform, educate and motivate the patient, who is agreed to follow the plan for optimal health.

Functional nutrition Denver therapy is recognized as complementary and holistic therapy, it treats the body as a whole, focusing on the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms, unlike what often happens in conventional medicine.


A good nutritional program will offer not only vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for you, but also get these nutrients that are absorbed in the intestine and reach the cells and organs which need them. When the body is optimally nourished, has more resilience to disease, stress and adverse situations of the life.

The priority is to design an individual nutrition program that allows you to recover your optimal levels of health. Often supplements are used in conjunction with diet, depending on factors such as the severity of the problem, the time it takes suffering it or your personal preferences.


Benefits of functional nutrition therapy

The most advanced research recognizes that the disease is the result of the combination of our genes with exposure to a hostile environment. This environment includes factors such as nutrition, environmental toxins, exercise or lack of exercise and lifestyle. All these factors can be stressful for the body and mind. The way our bodies and our minds handle these stresses, result in the welfare or symptoms of the disease. In fact, many of these factors are now recognized as a priority by the World Health Organization.

The feeling of well-being and good health are the result of balance or metabolic homeostasis. Maintaining this balance is the main objective of nutrition therapy, recognizing that diet and lifestyle are two of the factors that influence it deeper.

Nutritional therapy seeks optimal wellness and health, while recognizing the biochemical individuality of each person. Discover the spectacular and unexpected effects of diet on your health!


Why To Look For Peptides In Choosing Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

Most of the people are more conscious of what they eat. Some wish to lose weight, some others have allergic reactions or have undesirable side effects to some products. Some wish to build more muscle mass while others only want to protect their bones and joints or want wrinkles free softer skin.  

Peptides are a very powerful for skin care weapon, play a variety of functions, the principal of all is to transmit information between cells. That is, communicate to the dermis to the epidermis to get a much faster regeneration in case it needs help or repair. This function is altered by age, so the skin loses the ability to repair itself. That is when the artificial peptides appear in beauty treatments to cover the shortfall. Along with retinol, antioxidants and AHAs are an essential element in the anti-ageing treatments.

Biopeptides and biomimetic peptides

Peptides are bound amino acid sequences similar to a pearl necklace. The amino acid sequence and spatial orientation of the chains determine the function thereof, acting at different levels of the skin.

  • Skin aging: Stimulation of protein synthesis, which forms the extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, fibronectin and laminin). Enhance and accelerate skin healing. Regenerate and restructure the epidermis.
  • Sunscreen: Stimulate the activity of melanocytes and melanin production, attenuate inflammatory skin reactions, regulate cytokines and pro-irritating protect DNA against UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Bleaching agents: Suppress the activity of melanocyte stimulating hormone and melanin synthesis.
  • Reaffirmance: Inhibit the degradation of collagen and elastin damage caused by the external environment (UV, pollution, etc.) or aging itself.

Biomimetic peptide

The biomimetic peptides are structurally identical to those present in the skin and act on the physiological mechanisms with high specificity, at very low concentrations and with excellent purity-security relationship. Also, have excellent skin penetration and with defined biological actions.

They act directly in the skin tissue through receptors, behaving as antagonists or agonists of cellular mechanisms, modulating, controlling and regulating their biochemical functions. So they are used in many anti – aging creams to treat and combat the first wrinkles, stimulate all regenerative processes, filling each of the wrinkles from within.

Why to use in cosmetics?

According to the structure with which they are equipped they have the biopeptides to combat premature aging, send different messages to cells generally to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. With everyday use, this will be reflected on the surface of the dermis.

Is that precisely because this intelligent selective aspect that characterizes the deal biopeptides perfectly to stimulate all regenerative processes, filling each of the wrinkles from within.

Causes Of Bad Breath Receding Gums And Prevention

Halitosis or bаd breath receding gums , іѕ аn unpleasant condition οf breath odor. Halitosis іѕ a condition thаt іѕ responsible fοr embarrassment аnd low self-esteem. In preventing bаd breath, gοοd oral hygiene іѕ essential. Having poor oral hygiene саn result іn various dental problems. Bаd breath іѕ a very common dental problem thаt affects millions οf people еνеrу day.

Bad Breath Receding gums

Most common causes οf bаd breath receded gums:

  • Poor oral hygiene іѕ thе primary cause οf bаd breath disease. Bacteria frοm food particles thаt remain іn between thе teeth, emit a foul smell. Flossing daily аnd brushing twice a day саn prevent thіѕ frοm happening.
  • Eating onion, garlic аnd cabbage саn induce bаd breath. Active аnd spicy foods mау аlѕο cause bаd breath.
  • Consumption οf alcoholic drinks, tobacco аnd smoking саn result іn уουr mouth smelling bаd.
  • Dieting οr fasting саn gеt thе saliva dried up, causing bаd breath.
  • Infections аѕ a consequence οf tongue οr lip piercing, Throat οr Nasal infection саn cause Bаd breath.
  • Sοmе Drugs lіkе Paraldehyde, inhaled anesthetics, insulin injection, саn cause Bаd breath.
  • If bаd breath іѕ due to some dental problems then mouthwash wіll οnlу mask thе odor аnd nοt cure іt.
  • Hormonal changes аѕ a result οf pregnancy οr menstruation mау cause bаd breath іn women. Uѕе Cinnamon аѕ Mouth Freshener. Cinnamon hаѕ breath-odour fighting capabilities.

heal receding gums

Bаd breath іѕ typically caused frοm bacteria thаt gеt іntο gum pockets іn between ουr teeth where they grow аnd live οn foods thаt wе eat. Foods thаt саn hеlр уου prevent bаd breath includes apples, pears, citrus fruits thаt hаνе a crisp bite tο thеm bесаυѕе іt kind οf mimics thе brushing teeth motion аnd helps eliminate ѕοmе οf thаt bacteria.

Thеrе′s аlѕο ѕοmе foods thаt саn increase уουr risk οf bаd breath аnd those tend tο bе things lіkе garlic, strong onions, spices. Another thing thаt сουld increase bаd breath іѕ following a low carbohydrate diet.

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A lot οf people hаνе bееn interested іn thе Atkins diet аnd South Beach diet. Thеѕе low carbohydrate diet burns fats fοr fuel аnd a byproduct οf fаt burning іѕ ketones аnd ketones саn cause thе bаd breath. Sο іf уου аrе following a low carbohydrate diet аnd experiencing bаd breath, іt іѕ gοοd tο increase уουr carbohydrates.

Sο top things tο remember аbουt preventing bаd breath, уου need tο follow a very gοοd oral hygiene routine along with Nature’s Smile oral gum balm, brushing аt lеаѕt two times a day аnd flossing. Nature’s Smile oral balm is a complete natural treatment for receding gums and eliminate bad breath forever.

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Eight Months Pregnant

It’s August now and I’m now on my eight month. I am very much excited. Few more weeks to go and we are now going to see our little bundle of joy. I already bought clothes for him but I still have to buy some like onesies, pants and an additional blanket. I am planning to buy these items this week. I’m hoping to finish my shopping by second week of August. The rest of the things he will be using are courtesy of his daddy. Lol! I’m excited as well as nervous of giving birth and fulfilling the duty of a mother. I will just to my very best to become the best mommy that he can be proud of.

I just want to be happy

These past few weeks I can’t find happiness in my work at the office. It seems dull and empty. I no longer enjoy my work especially with the issues surrounding us. Plus the fact that there are lots of paper works to be done yet I don’t know how am I going to do it alone. I want it done in a span of 1 month before I file a maternity leave. I am really praying that things will be okay within the remaining 2 months of my stay there. Somehow, I have been enlightened of this quotes. So I guess I have to change the way I think.

No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.
– Barbara de Angelis

How to be Consistent

I must admit that I lack consistency in what I mostly do. I’m good at starting something but have problem finishing it without getting bored or tired doing it everyday. This attitude is not helping me achieve my goals. So I want to do something to change it. Thus, I have searched an article on how to be consistent. I’m glad to found one that inspires me and so I am challenging myself to be consistent.

First Father’s Day Celebration

My husband’s first Father’s day celebration because he is a first time daddy. We woke up early and washed our piles of laundry. We weren’t able to do it the other day because we attended my office mate wedding. After the laundry thing we went to the mall early to attend the Sunday mass as well as to deposit at BDO. Then head over to Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa to celebrate Father’s day. First stop is at Tom’s World wherein we did not win our target stuff toys. Maybe it is not yet our lucky day. There’s no more tokens left so we decided to eat lunch at Racks. Indeed a luscious lunch with the first time daddy.

We stroll, canvass for the next thing to have and look for slippers to buy. Then we bought snacks for mommy at Wendy’s and also got frosty for ourselves. We drove back home and drop by at Puregold to buy my milk, flowers for daddy, and some household needs.

There is an amusement area and he was enticed to buy tokens. We bought 4 tokens. Again we tried our luck to get some stuff toys. Luckily honey won and I did not get anything. Too bad! By the way, he got a cute sponge bob. Indeed his lucky day.

After that we visited the tomb of my father-in-law to greet him a Happy Father’s Day. We didn’t fail to visit his grave especially during special occasions. He will always be remembered. I can say that he has been a great father. Anyway, Happy Father’s day also to my father. I just sent him a message since he is miles away from me.

My Baby Boy

I decided to have an ultrasound yesterday to know the gender of my baby. I already have this hint that I am carrying a baby boy though my appearance didn’t change at all. This is because lots of them are telling me that it is indeed a baby boy because of the shape of my tummy. You know they say that when a pregnant woman is glowing she is carrying a baby girl and the opposite is baby boy. So at first we thought I am having a baby girl but as days goes by most of them are telling me it is a baby boy. Yesterday is the end of guessing time. We are having a baby boy. The ob told me that he is okay. He got a pointed nose. Yehey! He got it my his daddy. I am still praying for his good health inside me. I am very much excited to him. Few more months to go and we will be welcoming baby Hachiko. My husband loves that name.

Juday Gives Birth

I saw it on the news last October 7, 2010 that Judy Ann Santos already gives birth via normal spontaneous delivery at Asian Hospital and Medical Center to a bouncing baby boy around 7:30 pm. We weren’t talking about it at the office. Then yesterday it just come out in my mouth that Juday already gave birth. My officemate was aghast. She’s an avid fan of Juday. She did not know that she already gave birth. I told her because these past few days you were so occupied with paper works even at home. And that she were not updated with the latest celebrity news especially with Juday’s delivery. lol! By the way it surprises us yesterday upon knowing that one of our pediatric doctor was the one who catch Juday’s baby. That time she was the pedia on deck. Anyway, congratulation to Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo.

Busy Bee

What’s keeping me occupied these days that I am not working is taking care of my new born baby. I’m a hands-on mom since we don’t have yet a helper. It’s hard nowadays to find a helper whom you can trust. I hope before I resume working we can find one. Anyway, this Sunday he will turn one month old. It’s pretty quick. How time really flies fast and before we know it he’s a big boy already. I can say that being a mother is hard yet rewarding especially when I see him smile with his cute two little dimple. I am just praying that he will grow healthy.