My Baby Boy

I decided to have an ultrasound yesterday to know the gender of my baby. I already have this hint that I am carrying a baby boy though my appearance didn’t change at all. This is because lots of them are telling me that it is indeed a baby boy because of the shape of my tummy. You know they say that when a pregnant woman is glowing she is carrying a baby girl and the opposite is baby boy. So at first we thought I am having a baby girl but as days goes by most of them are telling me it is a baby boy. Yesterday is the end of guessing time. We are having a baby boy. The ob told me that he is okay. He got a pointed nose. Yehey! He got it my his daddy. I am still praying for his good health inside me. I am very much excited to him. Few more months to go and we will be welcoming baby Hachiko. My husband loves that name.