Fund Raising Cruises

Fund Raising Cruises

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Fund raising events are probably the most challenging and fun way of raising funds for certain causes.
Organizations and institutions just seem to have endless fund raising events and activities to produce the money to support their cause, whether it be for health, environment, children, cancer, natural calamity victims, or poverty, fund raising activities are sometimes the best solutions to let the public share and participate in a worthwhile event.

Fund raising cruises are one form of fund raising events that are very enjoyable on the part of donors and supporters and most often successful. It enhances the opportunity to create a memorable fund raising event while supporting a good cause.

There are a lot of fund raising cruises that fund raisers can choose from, and most of the time they are dedicated to helping the community as well as creating a successful and enjoyable event to be remembered. One of these fund raising cruises who share the commitment, is Image Cruises.

Image Cruises sponsors the fund raising event at a very low cost and contribute raffle prizes to assist in raising funds for the organization. Here are some of there fund raising cruises:

Sunset Sail
This is one of the fund raising cruises that are cost effective and easy formula with a great impact. Supporters and donors can get together for one and a half to two hours on a gentle sail aboard a deluxe catamaran at sunset for plenty of socializing and fun. Free “coupe de champagne” and exquisite views of the magnificent waters of Port Stephens, plus Hunter Valley wine or a beer of choice with light snacks is included. This sail can carry fifty-nine people.

Sunset Sizzle
This event is for two and half to three hours, anchoring in the calm part of the bay at sunset with an OZ Barbie. It also offers large cabins and spacious deck floor to socialize and they put up all the sails on the return to the Marina, with full PA set up and various music collections to cater for light parties to pumping dance parties. Light barbecue is included for a minimum of forty people. This option is well recommended for up to fifty persons and this could be one of the most efficient ways to raise the needed funds.

Self-Catered Dinner
This event will be for three and a half hours were guests can enjoy inshore sail to a secluded and protected cove enclosed by National Park, anchoring for the BBQ or sit-down dinner. The option of organizing your own catering or having their chef prepare the food is available. The money you can raise on this event would depend on the quality of food but organizations can raise as much funds for their cause.

Fund raising cruises are most of the time well supported, as they are a pleasurable way for donors to experience a great event whilst fulfilling support for a good cause.