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My Baby Boy

I decided to have an ultrasound yesterday to know the gender of my baby. I already have this hint that I am carrying a baby boy though my appearance didn’t change at all. This is because lots of them are telling me that it is indeed a baby boy because of the shape of my tummy. You know they say that when a pregnant woman is glowing she is carrying a baby girl and the opposite is baby boy. So at first we thought I am having a baby girl but as days goes by most of them are telling me it is a baby boy. Yesterday is the end of guessing time. We are having a baby boy. The ob told me that he is okay. He got a pointed nose. Yehey! He got it my his daddy. I am still praying for his good health inside me. I am very much excited to him. Few more months to go and we will be welcoming baby Hachiko. My husband loves that name.

Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy

I’m back from blogging after a week. Well, the reason is that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy last September 9, 2011 via normal spontaneous delivery. I’m still recovering and gaining strength. I’m hoping to be really well in the next 2 weeks. I can say that giving birth is really hard. I now understand the feeling of all mothers with regard to giving birth because I have experienced it and gone through the pain. But everything is worthy upon seeing our baby.

Anyway, I really thank God that I’m safe and he is healthy. I thank him that my baby is okay after ingesting a small amount of his meconium. He also experienced transient tachypnea after birth. Laboratory tests and x-ray was done few hours after birth. We are glad that results were normal and he was then roomed in the next day. We stayed at the hospital for 2 days.

I would like to say thank you to my ob, anesthesiologist and to all the nurses from different department. Though I know they would not be able to read this. My doctors did not charge me professional fee since I am an employee there and so we just gave them something to remember. My husband is the one who chose the token and paid it as well. Lol!

I’m hoping this is the day

My next check up is on Thursday, September 8, 2011. My last appointment says that I’m 3cm dilated, my cervix is already ripe and my baby’s head is already engaged. My husband accompanied me last Saturday since it is his rest day. I was happy that for the second time he’s with me during my check up. Anyway, I hope few days from now active labor would start. I can’t wait to see our baby. I’m really looking forward that he will come out this Thursday, September 8, 2011. This is my expected date of confinement base on my LMP (first day of last menstrual period). I know everyone of you is aware that this is also the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.