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Big Trends For Mobile Apps In 2018

The year 2018 promises a better year for mobile technology.  According to latest mobile app design trends, with iOS and Android operating systems reaching more than one million apps by the end of 2017, opportunities for mobile marketers have widened exponentially. Apps have made their mark in almost all industries, including education, arts, entertainment, publishing and business.  With more big investments and lucrative brands fully engaging with the mobile world, this year promises brighter innovations within the mobile applications field.

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Latest mobile app design trends

Here are the top three latest trends for mobile apps in 2018:

1..New hardware for Mobiles Apps

This year will mark the rise of wearable technology.  Google has already made significant progress with Google Glass.  At the same time, Apple has geared up with its iWatch.  This means that your mobile apps will not only be limited to smartphones and tablets.  It is therefore expected that lots of mobile apps will shift their notifications from your smartphone to your wrist and/or eyes.  A significant surge in fitness apps, like calorie counter, step counters and GPS trackers, will be charted. And mobile apps will not only be made with respect to the hardware alone, but rather governed by people’s behaviour.

2..The rise of location-based apps

Location-based apps – or geo-targeting apps – will experience a surge in growth due to the fact that they are less intrusive because they only get your location as their main marketing information. In the year 2018, consumers will be more wary of their privacy. Therefore, introducing them to your products while they are on location will avoid the need of getting sensitive user information. Geo-targeting apps will be innovated into real-time marketing that will significantly target customers based on GPS location in reference to nearby stores, restaurants and events.

3..App-based MMS and RMM innovation

Multimedia Messaging Service and Rich Media Messaging will pull the plug on SMS (Short Messaging Service) as the main medium of mobile marketing. An app-based MMS will provide the best messaging solutions for brands, while RMM introduces a platform-based messaging service. This means that RMM will only push Apple-relevant marketing information if you’re using an iPhone or any other iOS device.  It will also deliver demographic information to marketers, which could help them craft future campaigns.

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The WrapAside from these highlighted trends, 2018 will also be the year for the “short content marketing.” The emergence and popularity of short-video apps, like Snapchat, proves this case. This year, you will see different brands have created short-video marketing campaigns for their products. In this case, mobiles will still be an essential tool needed to access this content. And while the whole web becomes social, businesses could use the advantages of having mobile apps to upscale their social selling models.